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Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket. The Sleep TightTM Weighted Blanket could be your solution to a good night’s sleep. This weighted blanket is designed to incorporate deep pressure touch to create the same sensation as a loving touch, or a hug that makes you feel relaxed and calm. The Sleep TightTM Weighted Blanket is designed to fit and stay on the body while you sleep. The curved neck cut out keeps the blanket from bunching around the face for a safe and comfortable sleep experience. All of this makes it a great blanket for individuals with sleeping disorders or who are on the autism spectrum. The Sleep TightTM Weighted Blanket comes in 5 sizes, with weights ranging from 5 to 25 pounds, and is suitable for anyone weighing more than approximately 20 pounds (see sizing below). NOTE: Never place the blanket over the face. Features: Sommerfly uses PET pellets because they are free of BPA, Phthalates, and Lead Unique curved cut out on the top portion allows the blanket to properly contour around the shoulders The innovative “Pocketed Construction” technique keeps pellets evenly distributed in their chambers which provides optimal coverage over the user Pellets are sewn into a “bean bag”, creating double protection that ensures the pellets do not come out of the blanket and keeps the blanket evenly on the body This blanket is constructed smaller than most so as to evenly distribute the weight across the body rather than the bed Made in the USA with 100% high-quality soft cotton that is double stitched for strength and maximum durability Blanket weights follow current research recommendations Order your Sommerfly Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket from Brookstone today! Materials: 100% cotton fabric, PET pellets fill, polyester pellet bags Dimensions/Weight: X- Small: 36″L x 32″W x 0.5″H; Weight: 5 lbs Small: 42″L x 36″W x 0.5″H; Weight: 8 lbs Medium: 54″L x 42″W x 0.5″H; Weight: 12 lbs Large: 72″L x 54″W x 0.5″H; Weight: 16 lbs X- Large: 80″L x 57″W x 0.5″H; Weight: 25

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